Guide: Renewed Apple Devices

Renewed Apple Devices: What you need to know. Leave a comment

All Apple devices offered by Smerno are Certified Renewed. Certification means that each device is carefully checked and renewed to the highest possible standard by our in-store technicians. The device is then factory reset to function similar to a new device. Therefore, you can expect the same high level of performance and responsiveness, as one bought new.

Certified Renewed Grading

A+: The device is brand new with the original packaging. You will be the first person to use the device.
A: The device is in almost new condition with no cosmetic scratch or dent.
B+: The device is in good working condition with minor cosmetic signs of use – small marks on the body.
B: The device is in good working condition, and there are slight dents and scratches on the aluminium casing.


Buying a Certified Renewed Apple device is a conscious choice made to be part of the recycling community to save the environment from unnecessary pollution and electronic waste. As we grow more aware of our impact on the environment, there is a more conscious effort to turn to eco-friendly buying habits.


The advancement in technology has over time become expensive, pricing it out of reach of consumers that would greatly benefit from the technology—our Certified Renewed Apple devices are available at affordable prices backed by our warranty.


Buying a second-hand Apple device privately from a free advert listing on social media or other sites known for selling pre-owned “bargains” has potential risks.

  • What is the REAL condition of the device, seeing that there is no warranty?
  • Is it possible that the device is offered to you without the owner’s consent?
  • Is the device possibly stolen and now offered to you for quick cash?
  • Buyers are often scammed out of their money or intimidated and robbed while meeting in some obscure location to view the device offered by the “seller.”

Why buy from us?

  • We are registered with SAPS as a legitimate dealer in terms of the Act.
  • Visiting our Smerno retail stores, you will be transacting a secure environment.
  • Supporting Smerno is Supporting Local.
  • We offer a warranty on all devices purchased.
  • We offer support and in-store repair services when needed.
  • Our online store provides the option to buy online securely.

Warranty and Return Policy

Smerno offers a 7 (seven) day returns policy, as well as a 6-month warranty for Certified Renewed Apple devices for more details, click here.

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